New Beginnings

Hi there! I’m Brown Girl. You can call me BG or BeeGee or whatever suits your fancy. I don’t think my real name is relevant or important. In fact, I prefer the anonymity. The name Brown Girl comes from the colour of my skin. I’m Indian and brown skinned. To be even more specific I’m from the southern part of India. I was born there, I studied there, I worked there for a while. That land and the people and culture have shaped me and made me who I am today. There have been positives and negatives; but being the eternal optimist that I am, I prefer to focus on the positives. That’s matter for another post. I digress.


I have been blogging since 2008. I started blogging under my own name, sort of. Over the years it got to a point where pretty much everyone I knew, knew of the existence of my blog and it became well nigh impossible for me to write unreservedly. I was always unconsciously censoring myself, and rewording thing so as not to offend anyone. And the scope of things I wrote about grew smaller, and smaller, and I was reduced to just recapping my day like an angsty teenager. And then my son was born. The arrival of the Man- Cub (Cub henceforth) put my life on hold. I had dreams of starting a parenting blog, and chronicling every moment of his life, and dispensing pearls of parenting wisdom to the uninitiated masses from behind my keyboard.

But the Cub had other ideas. He wanted me to himself every moment of every day. So my dream was put to rest with full honours and I resigned myself to being bodily fluid cleaner, peek-a-boo player, milk producer, senseless babbler, caffeine addict, vampire, push up bra worshipper and under eye cream buyer. The Cub is almost four now and can sort of manage short stretches of time entertaining himself, and so, I decided to reclaim a little bit of my life, and start scribbling again. And so this space. And this time around, I hope to keep at this for a while.

So welcome aboard and happy reading people.


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